Mek is a modern and stylish brand, designed for children and young people who promote an active lifestyle, stylistically engaged, and a kind of trendsetters.
The collection is inspired by street-wear style intertwined with elegance. For those who want to express themselves through their clothes every day.

MEK provides eclectic, creative design combined with the spirit of Italian style!

Established: 1974
Brand website: www.mekjunior.com

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Size range: 3-18 years

Collections: Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter

Available sales channels: multibrand, corner, online

Brand identity: For those who want to stand out in the bold and modern way, who are keen on current trends, who are living their life in this spirit.

Brand DNA: The mix of street-wear, sporty and elegant look designed in the spirit of Italian style!

Price positioning: AVERAGE

Collection range: 500 models per season

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