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Giamo is a brand that is characterized by uncompromising perfection and top-class craftsmanship expressed in clothes and accessories. It combines the line of global trends while maintaining the unique identity of Giamo. It creates luxury goods while maintaining an average price position.

Initially, the brand created accessories - hats. The clothing line was introduced in 2021, emphasizing the brand's sense of sophistication and emphasis on the high quality of the fabrics used in each of its collections.

The products and additives are manufactured in Poland, while the raw materials are manufactured in Italy. The collections are produced in limited series. Talented people full of passion and dreams work on the collection, shaping the brand's philosophy. Today Giamo reaches 20 countries through several sales channels. Thanks to a unique sales policy, Giamo products can be found in many good boutiques and online stores.

Own knitted fabrics and fabrics that are luxurious and extremely comfortable in everyday use. Raw materials have quality certificates. In the winter collection, many products in accessories are made of merino wool, according to the standards - mulesing free (wool obtained from untiring sheep).

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Established: 2017
Brand website: www.giamo.com.pl

Size range: 2 - 16 years

Collections: Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter

Available sales channels: multibrand, corner, online

Brand identity: Uncompromising perfection and top-class craftsmanship expressed in clothes and accessories

Brand DNA: #LOVEgiamo

Price positioning: AVERAGE +

Collection range: 250 models / season

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