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Multibrand store

If you have a multi-brand store or want to start cooperation with us in stages, the selected model will be suitable for you.

We have experience with which we are happy to share. We provide access to current collections, a tailored sales policy and marketing support.

Each brand is available in the multi-brand channel.
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What we offer ?

– Sales policy

We adjust the sales policy to a given region by analyzing many variables that maximize the effects of cooperation and your sales results in the long term

– Sales / Product Department

It will be at your disposal for the selection and recommendations for products, collections and strategies both before and after opening

– Marketing

It will provide you with appropriate marketing materials, if you have an additional online channel – we will provide additional support

– B2B platform

We know that time is important, the friendly and transparent B2B platform gives you the ability to quickly respond to additional demand, increasing your turnover

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