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The franchise model that's right for you.

Working with Reporter Young is a great opportunity to open your own business in the teenage clothing market and occupy a niche in one of the most demanded segments today.


A brand for young individualists who are still creating their own personality and trying to find their own style. Reporter Young’s philosophy is to highlight the uniqueness of young people at a special stage in their life – between childhood and adulthood.


Reporter Young – international presence

Reporter Young brand has earned recognition in such countries as:
– Poland (more than 120 mono-brand stores)
– Ukraine (more than 70 authorized resellers representing the brand, of which 3 official duobrand stores and 1 mono-brand store + online channels (rozetka.ua))
– Russia (more than 30 authorized resellers representing the brand, including 1 mono-brand store + online channels (wildberries.ru))
– Kazakhstan (multi-brand authorized points)
– Kyrgyzstan (multi-brand authorized points)
– Lithuania (multi-brand authorized points)
– Latvia (mono-brand store)


– Teenagers 8-16 years old (134 – 182)
– They follow fashion
– They don’t want to look like kids anymore
– They are entering a period of rebellion
– They are actively creating their image on the Internet

The brand focuses on streetwear, a style full of carefree and free, youthful rebellion.

Currently, Reporter Young has more than 120 stores throughout Poland and every day it becomes more recognizable in Europe.


Reporter Young is a company that offers a wide range of products for filling teenage clothing stores (clothing, underwear, hosiery, as well as a wide range of accessories). The collections are created according to the capsule look principle (each collection allows you to create a ready-made stylish look).
2 times a year, the premiere of collections for the seasons Spring Summer and Autumn Winter, each of which includes at least 10 mini-collections. All of them have their own assortment content corresponding to the markets.

Reporter Young collections are created on the basis of three directions:
– Rebel
– Freak
– Fashion

Thanks to the variety of products, every teenager will find something for themselves.
During the season, Reporter Young’s customers have the opportunity to increase sales thanks to the B2B reorder platform, where current collections and a free warehouse are presented, which makes it easy to replenish the TOP models in stores.


– Professional support at all stages of store opening
– Assistance in choosing the location of the Reporter Young store + preparation of the store project
– Training in the principles of forming the assortment filling of the store + training of personnel
– Regular Visual Merchandising instructions + marketing materials (catalogs, posters, packages, banners)
– Fast-fashion collections (product updates in stores every 3 weeks, which increases traffic and the number of customers)
– Possibility of percentage placement of the second brand in the store (at least 60% to 40%)
– Full EAC certification
– Assistance in developing an advertising campaign for opening a store and further development
– mark-up from 130%


– Minimum area 40 m2, maximum 70 m2
– Location in a shopping center or street retail
– City with a population above 30,000

Investment necessary to open a Reporter Young store

Working capital: from 30 000 USD
Shop equipment (for 50 m2) – from 6000 USD
Product for 1 season (40 pcs per m2) – from 20 000 USD
Payback period: from 12 months

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Own a multi-brand store but are interested in Reporter Young?

There is an opportunity to test the potential of the brand and try cooperation within the framework of the corner:
– Corner 1 from 9 000 USD
– Corner 2 from 16 000 USD

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