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Viscose – a synonym for artificial silk?

Viscose, as some say, is synonymous with rayon. The main ingredient used in its production is cellulose, which makes it difficult to classify unequivocally – synthetic or natural. Cellulose is extracted from natural plant raw materials.

What are the benefits of viscose?
– silk appearance
– it’s going great
– has high hygroscopicity
– dries faster than cotton
– economy – luxurious appearance of products made of it compared to, for example, cotton
– it perfectly reflects the depth of colors

Despite many advantages, each material has disadvantages. The largest of them are:
– when using thin layers, the material is easily creased
– requires proper cleaning
– easily prone to stretching

When verifying the advantages and disadvantages, you should look through the prism of a given category of clothes. Not always every type of product will be both functional and easy to maintain. The situation is different in the case of viscose knitted fabrics, which perfectly harmonize with other artificial fibers such as polyester or polyacrylic.

An example of products made of such mixtures are caps for both spring and autumn-winter, which meet both thermal properties and ensure high comfort of use. An important aspect when buying a product is to pay attention to the quality of the raw material used, because in the case of inferior varieties of viscose, it may become puffed and stretched.

Viscose is a great replacement for expensive, noble varieties of materials. Provides adequate comfort and appearance. However, remember about proper care, and if the product is made of good quality viscose, it will serve us for a long time.

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