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Attention, spring 2018 is coming …

Pastel - trends spring - summer 2018

Co nowego w najbliższym sezonie?
The fashionable child should wear clothes referring in their cut and colours to world trends. And season spring – summer 2018 is being heralded exceptionally curiously.

The Pantone institute is convincing us, that in 2018 will be the most fashionable colour ultra violet, i.e. the intense expressive shade of the crimson. However looking at world tricks, the coming season will belong to cool pastel.
I don’t know why but universally he considers himself, that clothes aren’t bright for children.. The children’s fashion more and more often strives for this colour implying clearly, that from adult world wanting trends whether not wanting are entering into force of toddlers. Every year in the season spring – summer pastel are reminding of themselves.
They are perfect to hot temperatures, because their lighter tones don’t attract the sun so firmly how darken.

Apart from that they are forming a relationship with cold sorbets. Who will resist cool mint, juicy lemon and cold blue, when temperatures are achieving their maximum? Pastel they have also this virtue, that it is easy to juxtapose them with oneself and to create styles with them. Perfectly they match white. They are creating the also pretended duet with contrasting colours, as well as great are looking solo.

In pastel shades best to put dresses together with flesh-coloured sandals.
Instead of in the pencil box, we are carrying in this season on ourselves. For hot days great a cool mint will work, and for the evening whitewash in combination with blue.

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