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A brand that creates hats and accessories for children - girls and boys from 0 to 16 years old. We design and produce two collections throughout the year - Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter.

Our philosophy is based on providing products of uncompromising quality, safe and in line with global trends, underlining the character of Children. Each collection is prepared with enthusiasm, bearing the unique identity of GIAMO.

Our commitment - since the creation of the brand, we have committed to becoming a global leader in the fashion industry in the production of caps and accessories.

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Size range: 0 -16 years (36 cm - 56 cm)

Collections: Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter

Available sales channels: multibrand, corner, online

Brand identity: Provide products of uncompromising quality, world-wide creations, emphasizing the character of the Child and thus expressing the identity of the GIAMO brand.

Brand DNA: #LOVEgiamo

Price positioning: AVERAGE

Collection range: 100 models / season

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