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BRUMS - brand founded in 1955 in Italy is a combination of elegance, refinement and attention to details. The combination of many models, colors and trends of a given season makes the brand a perfect match to accompany every adventure of life: from everyday school duties to the most important formal celebrations.
Vivid, bright colors, highest quality materials and the BRUMS brand position in Europe makes it a favorite brand of thousands of children around the world.

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Size range: 0-14 years

Collections: Spring- Summer, Autumn-Winter

Available sales channels: monobrand, mulitbrand, corner, online

Brand identity: Created based on the latest Italian trends and designed in a way that lets the BRUMS brand accompany every clients occasion.

Brand DNA: Elegance and sophistication, then in the foreground. But also, and above all, freedom of expression, freedom of fun, freedom of movement.

Price positioning: AVERAGE

Collection range: 850 models per season

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