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We are a stable company, offering leading brands in the children’s clothing industry, with an effective network of Partners.

Offering a wide range of brands, we are present in all segments, from babywear to fashion for teenagers (0-16 years old).

We believe in appropriate distribution tailored to each brand, we cooperate with Partners who own: monobrand stores, stores with several brands – multibrands, corners (shop-in-shop), online stores (ecommerce), department stores, chain of stores and others. The form of cooperation that generates the greatest commitment are monobrand stores – franchise and duo-brand stores (a combination of two brands).

Currently, a monobrand (franchise) model is available for the brands Brums and Reporter Young in selected countries. Duobrand model – available for all our brands.
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In accordance with the mutlichannel strategy, we are placing brands in several sales channels. We are a specialist in the field of children’s clothing, we know your needs and understand problems, our team effectively supports sales and marketing of our clients in every sales channel.

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We continue our expansion in many countries around the world together with our Partners. If you want to become one of them, read the information on cooperation models and contact us.

We offer ready-to-use forms of cooperation (#ready to WEAR):
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